Self Storage North Queensland

StoreLocal in Rockhampton, Airlie Beach and Surrounds

Convenience, security, and a touch of tropical magic – that’s what you’ll find at our StoreLocal facilites in North Queensland. Our facilities are located in Airlie Beach, North Rockhampton,  Rockhampton City and Kawana. Use our interactive ‘Find a Store’ feature on our website to discover the location closest to you. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, StoreLocal is here to make your storage journey a breeze.

Our North Queensland facilities offer 100% contactless move-ins and hassle-free online payments. Rest assured that our security systems and protocols will keep your items protected around the clock. We also provide a diverse range of storage units to cater to your unique needs. Whether you require self-storage for personal items or business storage to streamline your operations, we have the perfect solution for you.

Choose StoreLocal and experience peace of mind like never before. Welcome to your storage paradise!

Kawana, Rockhampton
5/13 Chappell St Kawana QLD 4701
(07) 4926 1255
North Rockhampton
522 Yaamba Rd North Rockhampton QLD 4701
(07) 4926 1255
Rockhampton City
160-168 East St Rockhampton QLD 4700
(07) 4927 5388
Airlie Beach
2514 Shute Harbour Rd Jubilee Pocket QLD 4802
(07) 4804 5403

StoreLocal Airlie Beach

Seeking affordable and secure self storage options in Airlie Beach? Stop searching, because StoreLocal Airlie Beach has the ultimate storage space to fulfil your requirements.

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StoreLocal North Rockhampton

In need of cost-effective and reliable self storage in North Rockhampton? Your quest is over! StoreLocal North Rockhampton guarantees the ideal storage space for you.

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StoreLocal Rockhampton City

Looking for affordable and secure self storage in Rockhampton City? Your search ends here! StoreLocal Rockhampton City offers the perfect storage solution to meet your needs.

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StoreLocal Kawana

At StoreLocal Kawana, we offer flexible, affordable and fully secure storage units. Your local storage people are here to make your move hassle-free!

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Self Storage in North Queensland

If you’re looking for convenient and secure self-storage in North Queensland, then you’ve come to the right place! With multiple locations, 7 day access, and state of the art security, StoreLocal offers a range of storage options for personal, business, and lifestyle storage needs.

Servicing both residential and commercial customers in the North QLD region, StoreLocal provides reliable storage solutions for all of life’s events (big and small), from moving house, to renovating, outsourcing inventory storage or finding a secure spot to house that new boat of yours, we have the solution for you.

Local RV Self Storage Options in North Queensland 

Storing an RV in a storage facility offers numerous benefits and meets the specific needs of RV owners. Whether you’re a seasonal traveller, have limited space at home, or require a secure location for your recreational vehicle during off-seasons, a dedicated RV storage facility is the perfect solution. One of the primary reasons to store an RV in a storage facility is to protect it from the elements. Constant exposure to harsh weather conditions such as intense sunlight, heavy rain, snow, or hail can cause significant damage to the exterior and interior of an RV. By storing it in a covered or indoor storage unit, you can shield your vehicle from these elements, preserving its appearance and ensuring its longevity.

Security is another crucial factor to consider. RVs are valuable investments, and leaving them unattended on the street or in your driveway can make them susceptible to theft or vandalism. A reputable storage facility provides advanced security measures such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, and on-site staff, offering peace of mind that your RV is safe and protected. Furthermore, storing your RV in a dedicated facility frees up space on your property. RVs are often large and can take up valuable driveway or yard space. By utilising a storage facility, you can regain control of your space and eliminate the hassle of manoeuvring and parking your RV at home.

StoreLocal’s North Queensland facilities in Airlie Beach and North Rockhampton offer exceptional storage spaces for vehicles like RVs. Keep your RV and other vehicles safe and secure with us,  we’ve got affordable and secure vehicle storage options with 24 hour access. These locations provide the ideal environment for storing RVs due to their strategic positioning and unique features. With reliable storage facilities available in these locations, RV owners can trust that their vehicles will be well-protected and easily accessible when needed.

Need Packaging and Moving Supplies?

Packing supplies are essential for a smooth and organised moving process, providing protection, space optimization, and easy access to stored items. Sturdy cardboard moving boxes in various sizes are a must-have for packing and organising belongings. It’s crucial to choose high-quality boxes that can withstand weight and provide adequate protection. Bubble wrap and packing paper are excellent for wrapping delicate and fragile items, ensuring they are cushioned and safe during transportation and storage. Strong packing tape is essential for securing boxes, ensuring they stay intact throughout the move. Labels and markers play a vital role in easily identifying and locating items later on. By clearly labelling each box with its contents or using colour-coded labels, belongings can be categorised based on rooms or types.

StoreLocal’s ‘Box Shop’ stands out as a valuable resource for packing supplies and moving essentials. Their comprehensive range of high-quality packing supplies caters to various moving and storage needs. From sturdy moving boxes of different sizes to specialised boxes for fragile items, the Box Shop has everything covered. This one-stop shop saves customers time and effort by providing all necessary supplies in one convenient location, eliminating the need for multiple store visits. With knowledgeable staff available, customers can receive personalised assistance in selecting the right supplies, ensuring a successful and efficient move. The staff is well-equipped to provide guidance on box sizes, packing delicate items, and maximising space utilisation. The closest Box Shop location at StoreLocal North Queensland facility is located in North Rockhampton.