Here are some of our

helpful packing tips


Defrost your fridge and freezer well before you move it to avoid water damage. Fridges, freezers and other white goods should be clean and dry before storing, with a deodoriser inside for freshness and the door left slightly ajar.


Vacuum upholstery clean before storing. Avoid using plastic covers for furniture and mattresses to minimise the problem of mould caused by humidity although during transport a plastic cover is ideal, particularly on items that could be damaged in the event of a sudden downpour. Lightweight chairs can be stacked seat to seat or on top of upturned tables.

Battery Gear

Removal of the batteries is essential to ensure toys and equipment are not damaged in the unfortunate event of battery leakage. Damage caused by leaking batteries is quite often non-repairable.

HiFi & Television Gear

The original boxes with their styrofoam inserts are the best, but alternatively items can be individually wrapped in bubble wrap and packed into good quality cartons and boxes. All gaps and spaces should be packed and filled with additional packing to prevent movement within the cartons and then be securely sealed with packaging tape. Keep LCD TV’s upright.

Mirrors, windows, Paintings

As these items are probably the most breakable and hard to pack, it is recommended to protect these items with a suitable packing material such as bubble wrap and tape them well. When transporting them on removal, it is best to store them on their edges to avoid any heavy items being placed on top of them while they are flat and causing pressure and breakage to the item.

Machinery & Mowers

Drain fuel and oil to reduce the risk of damage to other goods and avoid a possible fire hazard. Place a piece of cardboard or old carpet under the piece of machinery. Mowers can smell so wash them down before storing, as the dead grass can attract vermin.