Vehicle Storage in Mordialloc

Affordable Car, Boat & Caravan Storage in Melbourne 

How much does vehicle storage cost in Melbourne? 

In Melbourne, the cost for vehicle storage can range as it is influenced by factors such as size of storage unit, indoor or outdoor, level of provided security and accessibility, also the inclusion of additional services. As for StoreLocal Mordialloc, competitive pricing is offered for vehicle storage. Prices for vehicle storage at StoreLocal Mordialloc begin at $167 per month, varying on the type of vehicle and the amount of space which is required. 

Vehicle storage in Mordialloc 

When it comes to storing vehicles, having the right unit size is crucial to ensure a secure and efficient storage experience. Commonly used unit sizes for vehicle storage cater to a wide range of vehicles, including cars, caravans, and boats. These unit sizes provide the necessary space to accommodate different vehicle dimensions and additional equipment. Whether you need to store a compact car or a large RV, understanding the commonly used unit sizes for vehicle storage can help you make informed decisions and find the perfect storage solution for your vehicle.

Commonly used unit sizes for vehicle storage include:

Car storage: A standard car can fit into a 3m x 6m storage unit, but larger vehicles or vehicles with additional equipment may require a larger unit space. 

Caravan storage: Caravans come in various sizes, so the dimension of your specific caravan. Commonly used size ranges from 3m x 6m to 4m x 12m or larger if necessary for bigger RVs.

Boat storage: Boats can vary significantly in size, from small fishing boats to larger yachts. The storage unit size needed will depend on the length and height of the boats. Common sizes range from 3m x 6m to 4m x 12m or larger. 

Boat storage

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